risk and governance solutions

Tiiša partners with organisations to strengthen business resilience through improved risk management and governance practices.

Below are some specific solutions we offer, however we can tailor make solutions based on your requirements.

Outsourced Information Security Resource
Governance Reviews
  • Assess an organisation’s maturity against relevant regulations, frameworks, policies and/or good governance principles.
Policies and procedures
  • Compile new policies setting out key requirements to ensure proper risk mitigation of the respective business area.
  • Design practical processes aligned to policies.
  • Perform a gap analysis of existing processes and recommend improvements.
Control improvement initiatives
  • Perform control adequacy assessments to give management a view of whether the controls are designed to effectively mitigate the identified risks.
  • Define control improvements to improve risk mitigation.
  • Assist management in resolving control weaknesses identified in reviews, self assessments, internal audit, etc.
Governance Frameworks and Structures
  • Define governance frameworks and formalise governance structures with clear objectives and defined Terms of References.
  • Structures could include Committees, Forums and Working Groups in areas such as – e.g. Information Security, Business Continuity, Data Privacy and ERM.
Risk assessment facilitation
  • Design a risk management framework aligned with the complexities and structures of an organisation.
  • Facilitate risk identification and evaluation sessions and compile risk reports aligned to the framework.
  • Assist in setting up monitoring programs for risk monitoring and reporting.
Dashboard design for monitoring and reporting
  • Design dashboards to provide management and boards with a view of various elements of the risk and control environment.
  • Risk dashboards are designed in line with the organisations requirements.
  • Dashboards can be tailor made to include (but not limited to) a view on risk exposure, status of risk mitigation actions, highlight key movements in risks, a report on progress made with Risk, Control and/or Compliance programs, etc.

risk mitigation packages

COVID-19 Response and Continuity Plan

Understand the impacts of the pandemic on your business and develop response plans for different levels of risk. Decide on a recovery strategy in the case of operational disruption and define a plan to follow once operations are disrupted. Make sure your stakeholders are aware of your response plan by creating specific awareness communication messages.

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