outsourced enterprise risk management (ERM)

ask yourself...

Are you confident that you know what risks your organisation face and are you adequately protected?
Is someone doing something to mitigate the risks and are actions being monitored?
Are you reporting risk to stakeholders in a meaningful way?
Do you need assistance with defining and implementing a risk management framework?

  • We offer outsourced Enterprise Risk Management services that will allow you the competency and skills of an experienced team of risk resources without the additional head-count.
  • Our risk management packages focus on risk identification and monitoring against an agreed framework, with a risk governance package available as an add on.
  • We make use of automated risk management tools, enabling you to request unlimited access to the latest risk registers, dashboard and reports.
  • Our risk specialists will bring you practical and cost-effective advice tailored for your company. In addition to this, our specialists will also share insights to risk management topics, latest trends and reports.
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