outsourced risk management

ask yourself...

Could your current team benefit from specialist risk knowledge and guidance?
Does your budget prevent you from hiring full time risk management resources?

Our outsourced risk management solutions allow clients to benefit from the competency and skills of experienced risk resources without the additional headcount.

Information Security
Tiisa Group - Policies and procedures
Outsourced Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

Tiišas risk management packages assist clients in identifying, documenting, monitoring and reporting on key risks that threaten an organisation’s objectives.

Our experienced risk team provides clients with specialist insight.

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Tiisa Group - Governance Reviews
Outsourced Risk Resources

Our pool of experienced resources can assist in areas ranging from Risk and Compliance, Fraud and Internal Audit to Information Security and Data Privacy. Whether fulfilling a senior or junior role for a couple of hours a month or standing in for a fixed period, we can help.

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Tiisa Group - Dashboard design for monitoring and reporting
Outsourced Risk Mitigation

We play the role of an in-house function that drives implementation of identified risk mitigation strategies to address specific risk areas.

Risks covered include Cyber, Privacy, Business Continuity, Ethics, and Fraud.

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