risk management and governance solutions

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You are worried about risks such as data breaches, cyber attacks, business continuity, POPIA compliance, unethical behaviour...

You know it is important but just don’t have the time or resources to give it attention.

You need to report on your risks but don’t have a risk resource or team.

You wish someone with experience and passion for risk would just get it done.

You don’t have time to focus on what needs to be done to mitigate a specific risk area or improve controls.

You have secured some budget but don’t know where to start.

You are tired of rolling out another online training course to tick a compliance box.

You are looking for exciting, fresh ways of giving the right message to the right group of people.

how we can help...

Information Security
Outsourced Risk Management

Benefit from the competency and skills of experienced risk resources without the additional headcount.

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Outsourced Fraud Resource
Awareness and Training

Enhance risk management skills through formal training and/or influence behaviour through focused Awareness and Education campaigns.

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Outsourced Information Security Resource
Risk and Governance Solutions

Improve risk mitigation and governance though practical solutions tailored to company requirements.

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we are not typical consultants because
we have been in your shoes.we know what it means to have to implement practical, fit-for-purpose solutions that mitigate risk.


4 simple steps to strengthening your
organisation against risk.

Schedule a meeting or a call

Schedule a time convenient for you to discuss your current challenges

We discuss

We discuss your challenges and agree how we can help

We create a fit-for-purpose plan

We create a solutions that fits the needs of you organisation

We implement and add value

We implement and leave your organisation strengthened

we understand the pressure of
having to get to it all.we let you focus on your core business while we focus on mitigating your organisation’s risks.


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